TigerAir Runaway Fares - from $19.95 one way

22 September 2008

New TigerAir deal for this week. Travel periods vary by destination, and note the additional routes now available from their new Adelaide hub!

Domestic Flights (to/from Melbourne)
» Adelaide from A$19.95*
» Canberra from A$19.95*
» Hobart from A$19.95*
» Launceston from A$19.95*
» Gold Coast from A$59.95*
» Rockhampton from A$99.95*
» Sunshine Coast from A$79.95*
» Mackay from A$89.95*
» Alice Springs from A$99.95*
» Perth from A$119.95*

Domestic Flights (to/from Adelaide)
» Melbourne from A$19.95*
» Hobart from A$49.95*
» Gold Coast from A$79.95*
» Alice Springs from A$79.95*
» Perth from A$99.95*

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  • queenshrew
    Thanks Denni, hot prices! :D
  • leny
    I am so glad that the Gold Coast rejected Tiger Airways' proposal for a 2nd/3rd base. :) Hope you're reading the news! :D
  • lilpretzel
    Well I'm not happy, what's wrong with Tiger having a 2nd/3rd base? Bring Tiger to Brisbane any day. :)
  • leny
    Bring Tiger to Brisbane any day. :)
    :D Not on my watch.
  • leny
    I'm not sure where they would put their planes to make you walk a kilometre to, and I'm not really sure that the authority would let them take a carpark to set up a terminal on. I say let's be glad that Queensland has maintained its good air transport standards by not allowing for Tiger to shove it's big international arse into our airports. :)
  • queenshrew
    Personally, I think Tiger Airways is awesome! I have been 100% happy with their service and prices!!! Have you ever flown with them personally, Leny? I'm trying to understand why you hate them so much.. Other than them being International and taking up a share of our national market. Do you dislike them because of that? Uhm..I'm just stabbing in the dark here :p I think it's great that they help keep prices in check for consumers for flights within Australia! Because other than Qantas (who also owns Jetstar) and Virgin Blue..there's no one else! SIA owns Tiger Airways and they have a great international rep - and I think they're doing a good job so far with Tiger Airways! Maybe Jetstar can pick up some tips. Jetstar is a = w h o l e = diff story.... :p
  • leny
    People who like Tiger Airways are generally those who don't have high expectations of an airline. I've flown with most airlines because tourism and hospitality are my industries. What I generally find is that people who [I]lurve[I] Tiger to bits are people who have never traveled in business class or higher (and probably never will?) I'm not sure if that applies to you but that's what's known. Again, this is a bad forum to make comments in because I doubt that many people will fly more than maybe a couple of times a year, that being for pleasure. I've said that before. You might not care about being left standing IN THE MIDDLE OF A CARPARK WAITING FOR A FLIGHT (which I find absolutely disgusting) but imagine your company sending you on a trip like that, and the flight being canceled or delayed for an extended period of time with no alternatives. I've always opposed the often heard phrase 'casual fliers know least' but please don't make me believe it. Of course if you fly twice a year you're not going to care if you fly Tiger. I try to go beyond that, try to think about the operation and the consequences on our industry. Tiger is basically used for what it's there for - casual travelers. If you ever hear of a professional or executive being sent somewhere on Tiger Airways, I'd like to hear about it. Even applicants for positions such as Graduate Positions are flown Qantas, and some important people even on Virgin Blue which isn't that bad. I always believe in exceptional customer service, and I don't think that Tiger Airways deliver it to the people it matters. I'm not saying this about any of you, but customers often tend to only think about themselves and not what's beyond the curtain. I know I'm probably writing this for no reason, as no one ever responds to me about these kinds of issues, but I hope that one day at least someone who reads this will understand what I mean.
  • Keeys
    I guess the point is you get what you pay for. I'm more than happy to pay for Tigers service for the price. I'll never (unless I win it) get to fly first class or alike. I think people like Tiger bring with them choice. You choose to fly Quantas or alike and pay the price they ask which is fine ...I on the other hand only fly when can get cheapish airfares and don't mind knowing I'm going to have to pay for my drink or maybe stand around in a shed and walk 1k to the plane for the sake of saving $50-$100 when there are 4 of us its well worth the small sacrifice. I wouldn't want a cheap airline if safety was an issue though. The more airline, the more choices and something stuitable for everyone.
  • queenshrew
    Well, you really can't compare business class to the cow herd class :p That's totally besides the point LOL! I have flown business class and I know the vast difference between that and economy. The age old adage - You really get what you pay for really applies here :p As I have only flown 1st class on Thai Airways once, and a couple of times on Business Class on Qantas and Jetstar(Starclass) I seriously am no pro! However for the everyday family often with little kids or babies in tow, Business/1st class is certainly not an option - Not even if you win Lotto unless you want to buy out the whole cabin (Because you might get murdered the moment you take a nap, due to your screaming child)...! Businesses will not be using Tiger Airlines as they need to fly on the right dates/times and Tiger Airlines being a new airline does not have the coverage/times etc. Jetstar and Tiger are for the budget conscious, not for business/luxury! lol Tiger is great for a budget airline - the main features being service and safety. I trust them because their parent airline is Singapore Airlines. They're vigilant in that aspect! I also fly Jetstar International (although I'm avoiding it like the plague on a national level due to their lousy service) because I trust Qantas' rep (despite the few hiccups in recent times). I guess each to their own. So long as you're happy with them - there really is no problem using them. If you dislike an Airline I guess you can always spend your money on another. Nice that we can choose more freely with extra choices since the entry of Tiger ;)

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