Tiger's Free Seats Sale (only pay for airport charges and taxes)

7 February 2009

Domestic Flights (from Melbourne)
Adelaide from A$23.77* » Canberra from A$32.55*
» Hobart from A$22.28* » Launceston from A$24.59*
» Gold Coast from A$25.50* » Alice Springs from A$27.37*

Domestic Flights (from Adelaide)
» Canberra from A$35.94* » Hobart from A$25.67*
» Gold Coast from A$28.89* » Alice Springs from A$30.76*
» Perth from A$24.51*

* Buy between 07 Feb 09 and 08 Feb 09, or until seats sell out.

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  • MamaK
    is this loading for anyone?
  • MamaK
    never mind, i got it through a different section, what's tiger like?
  • eggles
    hot from me man. ta. loving the airline sale price war :w00t:
  • eggles
    hey just seen that airasia are having a free seat sale on monday! yippeeee

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