Tiger Airways "The Tiger has Landed" Sale - $14.95 - MEL-OOL!!

16 September 2007

As widely reported in the news yesterday evening, Tiger has launched their "The Tiger has Landed" sale. $14.95 to Gold Coast/Launceston, and $24.95 to Mackay/Rockhampton/Sunshine Coast. GO TIGER!!

From Melbourne to:
Gold Coast AU$14.95*
Launceston AU$14.95*
Mackay AU$24.95*
Rockhampton AU$24.95*
Sunshine Coast AU$24.95*

* Fares are for one way travel, and include taxes & charges
* Buy between 17 Sep and 23 Sep 07, or until seats sell out.
* Fly from 23 Nov 07 to 18 Mar 08.
* Limited availability only.
* Flights to/from Melbourne are subject to regulatory approval.
* Conditions apply.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks Dennisy. Shame they've not gone with Perth - Melbourne. I need one of those.
  • MamaK
    doesn't look like they are making it to adelaide either
  • nod
    Hot vote from me. I suspect that it will not be long before Tiger as flying from other airports. Although apparently they are not going to fly from Sydney due to the high level of taxes to pay from the airport - not sure how true that is?
  • aafreen
    i tried to book but i can't find any of the low prices advertised ?? ie $14.95?
  • tjgh
    Sold out! They are all gone!
  • nod
    Hi tjgh, welcome to Buckscoop. I can't believe they have sold out already!! :( They could not have had too many tickets
  • Wally
    Darn it! I blinked!:geek:

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