Tiger Airways Sale: Domestic (to/from Melbourne) and International (ex Darwin)

10 June 2008

Not the most amazing of sales IMO and Perth misses out again but still very good if the dates etc are good for you :D

Domestic Flights (to/from Melbourne)
» Canberra from A$29.95*
» Adelaide from A$29.95*
» Hobart from A$29.95*
» Launceston from A$29.95*
» Gold Coast from A$69.95*
» Sunshine Coast from A$79.95*
» Rockhampton from A$89.95*
» Mackay from A$99.95*

International Flights (from Darwin)
» Singapore from A$149*
» Ho Chi Minh City from A$229*
» Haikou from A$259*

This fare is only available for fares booked online at www.tigerairways.com during stated buy period. The above fare includes an A$10 discount for internet bookings per passenger per flight, which is otherwise payable if bookings are made via our call centre. An additional A$4 will be charged for domestic flights, and A$5 for international flights, for each credit card booking per passenger, per flight sector. Fares are subject to availability (not available on all flights or days) for stated one way/return travel including taxes & fees. Travel dates vary by destination.
* Buy between 10 Jun 08 and 13 Jun 08, or until seats sell out. Conditions apply.

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  • nod
    Not bad prices on Ho Chi Minh :) Thanks Lisss
  • melissanj
    wow i didnt know they charge for infants! $30!
  • admin EDITOR
    what age bracket classifies as infant ? Isn't it typically up to 6 months or something? Or are you saying they charge period.
  • melissanj
    6 months to 2 years i think it was...i havent being on a plane so i didnt know they charged for kids under 2...greedy...
  • Keeys
    Tiger is a pain when it comes to infants. We found them fantastic staff wise etc but the cost of the infant didn't impress me. We had $10 tickets from Newcastle to Melbourne a few months back. We phoned to ask that because bub was 20mths could we just purchase a $10 seat rather than him paying $30 for an infant and was told no we had to pay the $30. So it cost the rest of us $20 return but him $80 and he wasn't allowed luggage at least if we'd payed the $20 return he wold have been allowed that. When we have flown with others this has never been an issue hes been free!! Tiger doesn't go out of Newcastle anymore so don't think we will get to use them again :(

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