Tiger Airways - Melbourne to Hobart OR Sydney only $10 (August midweek ONLY)

31 December 2009

Tiger Airways is having a sale for flights between

Melbourne and Hobart;
Melbourne and Sydney;

Sale is for midweek travel during the month of August for $10 each way and includes carry on baggage only (up to 7kg)

Ends Tonight (or until sold out)

Credit card charges may apply

Just discovered that some flights from Melbourne to Adelaide; Melbourne to Brisbane are $20 one way in August 2010 aswell.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks ironsword - thats cheap. Ferry costs you way more.
  • Keeys
    bugger no money in my credit card $200 return for 5 of us to SA would have been awsome!! We've been waiting for a sale and of course it comes now. Fingers crossed for next sepcial :) Great deal for anyone looking for a getaway. For a real splurge you could book the accommodation 50% off deal that was posted a few days back ;)

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