Tiger Airways Low, Low Fare Sale - $19.95 MEL to/from ADL/CBR/HBA/LST

16 September 2008

New Tiger Airways Sale - for 2 days only!

$19.95 one-way
to/from Melbourne:
* Adelaide
* Canberra
* Hobart
* Launceston

Fare Details
These internet discounted fares are only available online at www.tigerairways.com. The fare includes an A$10 discount off the regular fare, which is otherwise applicable to bookings (per passenger per flight) made through our call centre. An additional A$4 will be charged for domestic flights, and A$5 for international flights, for each credit card booking per passenger, per flight sector. Fares are subject to availability. Only available during the stated buy period and for scheduled flights during the operational travel period 14 Oct 08 to 10 Dec 08. Fares are for one way travel only and include all flight related taxes and fees. Fares may not be available during peak periods, public holidays or certain blackout periods. Not available in conjunction with any other promotions or for group bookings. All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. Additional conditions apply for stated Flight Combo. Tiger Airways reserves the right to change, modify and cancel this promotion without prior notice. Refer to www.tigerairways.com for more details and conditions. Tiger Airways Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 124 369 008.

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  • admin EDITOR
    I'll give you a hot dennisy. Thanks
  • Keeys
    great deal but can't belive they no longer fly out of Newcastle :( :(
  • queenshrew
    Hot from me too! :D Makes me tempted to take a short unplanned trip! haha Thanks Denni!
  • lilpretzel
    What no Gold Coast :( that's not fair!
  • winniblu
    Perth misse out again :(
  • winniblu
    Is Tiger safe??
  • connan
    As safe as all the other airlines in Australia that have to meet the same regulatory standards.
  • lilpretzel
    Is Tiger safe??
    Give me Tiger any day over Qantas :twisted: I love Tiger.
  • queenshrew
    Tiger is great. Owned by Singapore Airlines. Have been happy with their service. They have a good track record. Actually, I'll post the question "Is it safe?" to Air Asia... I'm a little scared traveling on them despite the great prices! :p ps Winni -- Qantas has $199 (one way) from Melb - Perth for the next couple of days. Any good to you?

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