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19 November 2008


Buy period: From 19 Nov 08 to 25 Nov 08, or until seats sell out

Domestic Flights

(from Melbourne) Price Fly period

Launceston A$17.47* 1 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Hobart A$20.15* 1 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Adelaide A$21.64* 1 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Rockhampton A$22.20* 3 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Canberra A$23.05* 1 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Gold Coast A$23.37* 1 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Alice Springs A$25.24* 1 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Mackay A$25.90* 2 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

Sunshine Coast A$29.08* 2 Feb 09 - 30 Jun 09

(from Adelaide) Price Fly period

Hobart A$20.63* 1 Mar 09 - 30 Jun 09

Gold Coast A$22.72* 1 Mar 09 - 30 Jun 09

Alice Springs A$27.01* 3 Mar 09 - 30 Jun 09

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  • lilpretzel
    Gold Coast - Melbourne - Returned [FONT=Verdana]2 Adults - $[SIZE=2] 93.02 includes 15kg bag allowance each + Whatever fees for credit card payments. :) [/SIZE][/FONT]
  • golfwidow
    Great deal. We can take the whole family to Tasmania for $100 each return! HOT HOT HOT from me :D
  • lilpretzel
    Nice Golfy! Now you need cheap accommodation ;)
  • photographyisart
    this is fantastic!! I'm going to try and use this if there any flights left when i get home to go to tasmania and visit my aunt who moved there a couple of years ago
  • photographyisart
    so just to clarify do these cheap flights include baggage or do you have to pay extra
  • fairybelle
    Would be good if the flew outta sydney
  • dennisy
    Thanks lilpretzel, This is certainly a FANTASTIC deal from TigerAir! :) Since the taxes and fees are pretty much the same (+- 10 dollars) for all destination, it is especially good value for travel on the longer flight routes to Queensland and Alice Springs ;)
  • golfwidow
    Woohoo! All 5 of us going from Goldy to Hobart for less than a grand! Very happy. Baggage is $10 for 15kgs plus credit card fee's.
  • lilpretzel
    Hey Golfy, I'm just about to post a deal for accommodation if you want to check it out :D
  • Blinda
    Seems I missed it. Could get the the promotion deal for three people on the 7th March.... *sigh*
  • fairybelle
    Welcome to Buckscoop Blinda!!! Hope you enjoy the madness
  • guptara
    Gifted tix from Melb to Gold coast for two people - Only $93 ....Great deal !!!
  • Sunstar320
    I have booked a total of 15 sectors. I did the same with the $9.95 fares last time. I have saved SOOO much, and I would have paid at least 3times for anyway. Will Jetstar respond guys?, Virgin never do so I wouldn't rely on them? (Although they had some $19.95 fares to Canberra and Adelaide a few weeks back so you might have done cheaper a few weeks back...) Anyway, Happy Hunting!
  • lilpretzel

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