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8 January 2009

Domestic Flights (from Melbourne)
» Adelaide 50% off* » Alice Springs 50% off*
» Canberra 50% off* » Gold Coast 50% off*
» Hobart 50% off* » Launceston 50% off*
» Mackay 50% off* » Perth 50% off*
» Rockhampton 50% off* » Sunshine Coast 50% off
Domestic Flights (from Adelaide)
» Alice Springs 50% off* » Canberra 50% off*
» Gold Coast 50% off* » Hobart 50% off*
» Melbourne 50% off* » Perth 50% off*

International Flights (from Perth)
» Singapore 50% off*

An additional A$5 will be charged for domestic and international flights, for each credit card booking per passenger, per flight sector. The above fares are only available for fares booked online at www.tigerairways.com during stated buy period. The fares include an A$15 discount for internet bookings per passenger per flight, which is otherwise payable if bookings are made via our call centre. Fares are subject to availability (not available on all flights or days) for stated one way/return travel including taxes & fees. Travel dates vary by destination.
* Buy between 08 Jan 09 and 12 Jan 09, or until seats sell out. Conditions apply.

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  • Keeys
    Anyone know what the travel period is for these?
  • joeb3
    I recently flew with tiger and I was disgusted at their service. Paid $110 for Canberra to Melbourne return tiger tickets. True cost was over $563 (Yes five hundred and sixty-three dollars!). Tiger airways changed both flight times and didn’t notify me. I would not fly tiger airways ever again, even if the hostesses were naked, willing and it was my bucks night. I booked Melbourne to Canberra flights which were to depart at at 7:00am in the morning. Before the flight, they were rescheduled to 5:30pm which meant one wasted day of my holidays in Melbourne. For my Melbourne to Canberra return flight, which was due to leave at 5:00pm, I turned up at the airport to go home they said my flight was cancelled. Tiger airways did not notify me in advance of my cancelled flight. Told me their were no other flights to Canberra that night. Refused to put me on a flight with another airline. Refused to let me sleep in their airport terminal as it was closing for the night. Told me I would have to sleep in another airlines terminal 10 minutes walk up the road or on the street or book a hotel for the night. Refused to compensate me for additional cost of a hotel or getting me on a flight with another airline. I spoke and complained to the fool on the front desk of the terminal, the fools bimbo manager, and the fools bimbo manager’s manager. Then I spoke to the call center. Not once did anyone I ever dealt with say the word “sorry”. I made them reschedule my flight to the next morning, a $40 taxi ride back to the city to the cheapest Hotel I could find at $230 due to last minute rates! Another $40 taxi ride back to the airport in the morning to twiddle my thumbs for another delayed tiger airways flight. I finally get home to Canberra and start racing off in my car to a late appointment only to be pulled over by the police to issue me with a $143 speeding fine. Total cost of this misfortune so far $563 and that doesn’t include the bottle of scotch and blood pressure pills that I needed to cure my rage. I have read so many articles in the newspaper about tigers lack of customer service and poor flight records. One article I read said that tiger has a delayed/cancelled flight rate of more than 1 in 5 or 20%. What a poor record, I will never fly tiger again. ACCC needs to act now and put tiger airways out of business. I am sick of the stories I hear about the way tiger airways bait consumers into bookings flights with them and then when they realize they don’t have enough bookings to make the flight commercially viable, they cancel the flight at the last minute citing “operational” difficulties. Tiger airways needs to wake up and get their act together.
  • lisss
    Thanks for the tip joeb3, I will be flying Tiger in June because their tickets work out at $500 cheaper than even other budget airlines for the route I want (international) but I'll be sure to confirm my flights now! :) Keeys, it says in the t&c that the dates depend on the route, so you'll have to look up the route you want.

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