Tiger Airways Australia- From $24.95

1 February 2009

-You will find cheaper fares in the booking engine than actually stated on their homepage, and you will find a greater range of dates than what is stated. It pays to search...

Tiger Airways Australia is offering the following fares starting at:
MELBOURNE (to/from)
-Adelaide $24.95
-Canberra $24.95
-Hobart $24.95
-Launceston $24.95
-Gold Coast $34.95
-Mackay $34.95
-Alice Springs $59.95
-Sunshine Coast $34.95
-Rockhampton $39.95
-Perth $69.95

ADELAIDE (to/from)
-Alice Spings $39.95
-Canberra $29.95
-Perth $44.95
-Hobart $34.95
-Gold Coast $39.95

TRAVEL PERIOD- Feb-October 2009

-ADD $5 credit card fee per sector per person (cant avoid it though)
-ADD $10 for baggage per sector if you wish for checked luggage, otherwise no charge for 7kgs Carry-on plus free laptop allowance.
Still cheap even with the extra charges.

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