Tiger Airways Australia - Fly Anywhere In May For $30 + Add-on

10 April 2009

For travel in May Only, $30 one way + extras.

** Sydney is still coming up as $68.00

Adelaide from A$30*
Alice Springs from A$30*
Gold Coast from A$30*
Canberra from A$30*
Hobart from A$30*
Launceston from A$30*
Mackay from A$30*
Melbourne from A$30*
Perth from A$30*
Rockhampton from A$30*
Sunshine Coast from A$30*

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  • nod
    :D interesting way to price things - what exactly are the add on extras?
  • lilpretzel
    I worded it that way nod so members knew they need to spend more than $30 one way :D Extra's are: upgrade your luggage weight, seat allocation, travel insurance and I think a Credit card charge. Still good prices but we have had cheaper :)
  • nod
    right :D I thought it was some new marketing ploy
  • Sunstar320
    Well thats the cheapest flights to Perth that have ever been available. Although the other day they were clearing out the shorter four exMelb at only $28.
  • nod
    The $30 sale has been extended ntil the 21st of April and Tiger have still got the $39 Melb/Sydney route :)
  • jennywren
    Should be noted that it's not from any city to any city, but from Melbourne or Adelaide only. Can't ya tell I'm from Perth, dammit! ;)
  • lost1thong
    Dont fly tiger......they changed schedules on me and I have tried 50 times easy to get through with no luck, and 30 min on hold to Singapore with no luck. Don't do it.
  • nod
    They are also advertising for today only a $30 sale - confusing when this sale is still meant to be on?? ]http://www.tigerairways.com.au/au/en/index.php?r=AUEN
  • nod
    this new off is minus the 'add ons' though :)
  • melscott28
    i can never get cheap sale flights from or to Perth. Yeah we're a bit further away but its NOT FAIR.

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