Tiger Airways - $1 flights

4 March 2011

$1 flights to and from lots of locations

Travel period between 03 May 11 to 31 Aug 11

Buy between 04 Mar 11 and 10 Mar 11, or until seats sell out

Prices are for one-way travel with hand luggage & Web check-in only and are fully inclusive of all taxes and charges.

Other charges such as check-in baggage and credit card surcharges will obvioulsy still apply.

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  • MamaK
    Do you have to become a stripes member to get these prices?
  • ntowill
    You have to be a strips member to buy them on the first day. Anyone can get them after that. So you either pay up to become a member ($29.95 for first year membership), or take your chances and get them later.
  • normie
    You actually need to buy a return ticket to get these $1 flights, unfortunately its almost impossible to pair up two $1 flights.
  • ninkasi
    Even so, not too bad if you can find & use one of the $1 flights - effectively getting the two flights for nearly half price....

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