Tickets to Fiji (1 way) on Virgin Blue (tax inc) $199 - $299.

4 June 2007

Some pretty good prices on one way to Fiji if your thinking of heading there. I like virgin blue as much for the fact that they've introduced a level of competition that has been sorely missing in the AU market for so long.

Ultimate price depends on where you flying from but Brisbane get the best deal with tickets at $199, then Sydney at $229 and Melbourne @ $299.

Sale on till 24th June or until sold out. Tickets only avail on some flights. Don't ring and book - they will charge you $15 for the pleasure. For some reason they deem international flights a special case when paying by credit card and will charge you $4 instead of $2 (go figure) and its for flight dates between 16th July - 20th Sept and 15th Oct to 11th Dec.

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  • sandgroper
    Cheap enough to send the wife seeing as its one way :whistling:
  • admin EDITOR
    but then wait and see what she racks up on the credit card when she gets there. I have been told that the cost of staples in some parts of Fiji is huge. Never been there but its supposed to be absolutely beautiful.

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