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21 March 2008

The Ultimate Emergency Companion!

14-in-1, Dynamo Hand Charge, Essential Catch!

Featuring every little lamp, light or gadget you could ever need in a tight spot!


* LED Torch with directional beam - when you need to focus that light.
* LED Lantern - For group and camping situations!
* Emergency Strobe Light - Great for roadside emergencies and for landing a plane. (Joking!)
* Emergency Siren - WOOO WOOO WOOO
* AM/FM Radio! - Tune in to AM or FM and stay up to date with the latest news while you fix that broken down car.
* Night Light - Don't fear the darkness
* Audio Input for MP3 player or any device with 3.5mm headphone out
* Navigation Compass - Never lose your way out doors.
* Power Adaptor/Car Charger Input - For operation without dynamo lever!
* Charge Mobile Phones!
* Built in Speaker - Listen to your tunes or radio with this rather loud built in speaker
* Mosquito Repeller - Because all of the above wasn't enough.
* Power it all via the Dynamo Hand Lever!

The ESSENTIAL item for those days that you decide to climb the highest mountain, or traverse steamiest, dense rain forest or maybe more realistically for:

* The Car!
* Camping
* Fishing
* Any other outdoor activities
* Home/Workshop

shipping is $7.50 for all of australia.

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  • Keeys
    you know my hubby wuld buy this just on the bassis of WOO WOO WOO and that he could help land a plane, this was written for people like him who live in the land of make believe lol

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