Sydney to Singapore one way $88 @ FlyScoot

21 March 2012

Thanks Derp and Mskeggs for the details of this deal that I have borrowed from another forum. Hope they can share. I checked and they still have $88 tickets available. You need to be flexible with your travel dates

go to this page: and then add the email

Good luck booking your tickets and thanks again to Derp and Mskeggs

or rego now and wait til tomorrow and hope they have some more flights or deals

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  • mouldgirl
    Thanks. Fly/bag/eat for $123 one way :)
  • Pookie
    Hopefully at those prices they are sustainable and wont go bust...then again, Singapore is a nice place to get stuck if they do go bust :D
  • wheadle
    Book to fly in the next few weeks :D Always a risk with new airlines these days. Get some insurance before you fly. Business seats at $388 one way is good. Wonder what their seats are like?
  • wheadle
    Loads of days sold out. Looks like Tues/Wed from Gold coast to singapore is a good day to still buy the $88 one way. The rtn stings you though. No $88 rtn flights Singapore-Gold Coast until mid/end of September. Most rtn flights are $169. Still ok. Sydney flights are worse. Very few $88 Sydney to Singapore flights left. Forget getting a $88 rtn from Singapore to Sydney

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