Sydney 5 Attraction Pass Can Save Parents $200 on Top Family Attractions

This year Sydney made the cut for Tripadvisor's Top 25 Worldwide Destinations, but it's not just couples and singles that are likely to be encouraged to visit the city after reading about this achievement. Sydney is actually one of the best cities to visit with kids too meaning parents should also consider putting it on their list of "places to visit in 2015". Occupying the children is a full time job therefore it always pays to know where the best attractions are so that you can all get away for a little family treat. 

If you really want to 'wow' your kids and show them a fantastic day out, then the following attractions will surely make you the coolest parent around. Even better, if you want to entertain them for a series of weekends or possibly over the course of their school holidays, then the Sydney 5 Attraction Pass that I'll discuss first will give you just that. Buying this pass gives you entrance to 5 top attractions over the course of a 30-day period and will also save you money at the same time.


Firstly, before we get into discussing these entertainment attractions around the city, its important to know that you need to buy the 5-Attraction Pass before you arrive at the below listed locations. The pass, which lasts for 30 days, will cost adults $69 each and for kids its $39 each (4-15 years). If you have kids younger than 4, they will generally enter for free. The price comparison in this post is looking at the savings you will make compared to buying entrance tickets on the door when you arrive at each designated attraction.

FYI – The Sydney 5 Attraction Pass drops the entrance ticket per attraction for adults to just $13.80 and only $7.80 per child. These are the base prices you should keep in mind when looking at the normal entrance prices of the attractions below.


Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

On the Door Ticket Prices

Adult – $28

Kids – $19.60

The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium is the first attraction mentioned on this list because it not only has plenty to offer the whole family, but it also incorporates fun with education. Situated within Darling Harbour the aquarium has underwater walkways which stretch up to 100 meters long featuring glass ceilings. The underwater-like experience allows you and the kids to get within inches of huge sharks, stingrays and turtles. Besides the fascinating sea life that most kids become infatuated with, you will also be able to see animals that Australia is famous for such as the barramundi, little penguins and platypus.


Sydney Wild Life Zoo

Sydney Wildlife Zoo

One the Door Ticket Prices

Adults – $28 (discount)

Kids – $19 (discount)

The normal price of $40 entrance for adults at this small Wildlife Sydney zoo is rather expensive in relation to the range of animals you can actually view. The variety consists of large and small reptiles, furry mammals, insect’s birds and fish. Throughout the day you can take part in feeding the animals as well as sitting down and listening to talks and shows about wildlife. When all the animals have been seen, a quick refreshment in the roof-top café lets the kids see the sleeping koalas up in the trees whilst you can enjoy a undoubtedly well deserved rest.

The animals that generally get the kids most excited about include: Koalas, Tasmanian devils, Kangaroos, Black Widow spiders, Green Tree Pythons, Cassowarys, Ghost Bats and the Saltwater Crocodiles.


Manly Sea Life Sancturary

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

On the Door Ticket Prices

Adults – $17.50

Kids – $10.50

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is smaller than the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium but still just as fun and informational. The main focus of this attraction is the animals that the sanctuary has rescued and is nursing back to health, hopefully before releasing them back into the wild. All the animals that are not healthy enough to be released are kept in the sanctuary to educate the public. The attraction also contains large underwater walkways with glass ceilings so you and the family can get up close and personal with the Grey Nurse sharks and marine turtles. The family can also take part in free daily tours and learn stories about the individual animals or visit on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday to see divers hand feed the animals and fish in their tanks.

Expect to see: Grey Nurse sharks, marine turtles, penguins, seahorses and rock pool creatures. Plus if you are brave enough you can dive into the tank and feed the sharks yourself.


Madamme Taussauds Sydney

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

On the Door Ticket Prices

Adults – $40

Kids – $28 (Under 4’s are free)

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is located very close to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium mentioned above in Darling Harbour. Your family are bound to have plenty of fun with Madam Tussaud’s realistically detailed wax works, especially when it comes to seeing their favourite superstars and hero’s. Travelling through the attraction at a reasonable pace will take up roughly an hour, which makes the attraction a little over priced if you visit it alone, so all the more reason to buy the Sydney 5 Attraction pass. Keep in mind that your kid's ages will affect your experience, as many under 4-year olds might not recognise too many faces besides the children’s characters.

The attraction is split into the History zone, Leaders zone, Sport zone, Music zone, Culture zone, TV zone, Film zone, A-List zone and Marvel superhero zone.


The Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower Eye

On the Door Ticket Prices

Adults – $28.50

Kids – $18 (under 4’s free)

This attraction is away from Darling harbour and more towards the city centre. In the middle of the central Sydney City shopping district you find standing in all its mighty, the iconic Sydney Tower, aka Westfield Sydney Tower. Upon entering the attraction you are given the chance to watch a 4D cinema experience that will take roughly 5 minutes. Once complete you will head up to the tower, which is effectively a circular room with fantastic panoramic views of the city. This attraction will be great for the first half an hour providing city-wide view points and information, but children may grow tired quicker than you so the additional $70 you can spend on the Skywalk and Observation platform might be a waste of time especially as it lasts one whole hour.


There you have it. With the Sydney 5 Attraction pass you can have access to all of the above attractions for a hugely discounted 55% saving compared to on-the-door prices. If it's the holidays or you simply want to get the kids away from their computers on the weekend, action pack a trip for them into Sydney for less (as shown in the table below):

Family Member

5-Attraction Pass Cost

On the Door Cost

Adult (16+ years)



Child (4 – 15 years)



Family Total (2 adults + 2 kids)




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