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22 November 2007

Fantastic one way relocation deals for cars and campervans from just $1/day.
The deals can be booked by calling 1300 789 059 from Australia or 0800 789 059 from New Zealand or email us on
Darwin CBD Brisbane,Northgate now 30 Nov 2BHT / 4BST / 6BST 7 $1/day 3970km Allowance
Melbourne Braybrook Brisbane, Eagle Farm 4 Dec 14 Dec 2B 4WD Camper 4 $5/day $100 Fuel, 2233km Allowance
Melbourne City Adelaide City 3 Jan 8 Jan 2B 4WD Camper 3 $5/day $150 Fuel, 4500km Allowance
Melbourne City Adelaide City 6 Dec 14 Dec 4BHT 3 $10/day Unl kms
Melbourne City Sydney, Kernall now 12 Dec 2B 4WD Camper 3 $5/day 1300km Allowance
Melbourne City Sydney, Belmore now 30 Nov 2BHT 3 $1/day $100 Fuel, Unl km

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  • ScarletRubies
    Great deal IF you happen to want to travel between the two places at that time - hard to get all your ducks in a row, but if it works, brilliant!
  • nod
    That really is a great offer :)
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll give you a hot bowersnest.
  • Emma EDITOR
    hot from me too :) Could be very useful to someone!
  • nod
    interesting that some are $1 and some are $10 a day
  • queenshrew
    [SIZE="4"] More comments regarding this deal can be found in this thread ]here[/SIZE]
  • jackyblue
    I'm totally confused queenshrew - this thread seems to be from 2007. What's going on?
  • golfwidow
    The other thread was just a duplicate of this thread jackyblue. Both were the same company.
  • golfwidow
    Just brought the relevent information regarding this company over from the other post :)
    Just reading over the terms and conditions - standby cars are a booking agent and you can potentially have the car booked out from under you by the rental company themselves. Under 25's pay a surcharge, :D - no upgrade or other coupons will be accepted. Ha - dont like these ones - a booking fee of $25 is charged by standby cars and cancellation will cost you the $25 plus holding fee of $75. They sting you even more for 4WD's 7 to 14 days prior to pick up – 25% of gross rental (minimum $200.00). Less than 7 days prior to pick up – 55% of gross rental. If cancelled on the day of pick up or a no show – NO REFUND
    There had to be a catch didn't there. I like that they charge you a % of the gross rental if you cancel, which is going to be all of maybe $15 at those prices, but then they put a minimum of $200 on it. That's cheeky ... they want to have their cake and eat it too. Anyone know an easy online way of accessing those kind of deals straight from the rental companies themselves and not through a booking agent?
  • admin EDITOR
    Just trolling through their listings. This isnt a bad offer if your in Darwin wanting to get to perth given that all fuel is paid Darwin CBD Perth City 19 Sept 2B/6B ST 6 days $1/day All fuel paid+ $100 cash. :D They pay you $94 ($100 minus the $6 for daily hire) (how many peters pies can you buy for that) , give you all your fuel, 6 days to do it and from what I can make out its a motorhome so you've got your accom sorted....
  • admin EDITOR
    Another good one. Alice Springs to Melbourne city. 6 berth campervan, all fuel paid plus $100 to buy your food. Needs to leave 14th Oct. Cost of hire $3. Chuckling away at the thought that you get paid $97 to go from Alice Springs to Melbourne. Good way to travel.
  • admin EDITOR
    And another few goodies. Brisbane to Cairns, 16th of October, 4 days to get there in the car, all fuel paid plus $100 spending money. Rental cost $4. Brisbane to Melbourne, 16th Oct, 4 days, car, all fuel paid plus $100 spending money. Rental cost $4. Darwin to Cairns, 16th Oct, 5 days, car, all fuel paid plus $100. Cost of rental $5. Perth to Broome, 16th Oct, 3 days, 4WD, all fuel paid plus $100. Cost of rental $3 (good way to get to see Karijini on route - and great way to get to Broome if you dont mind driving)
  • normie
    I actually did a relocation!!! I did a relocation from Darwin to Adelaide with about half the fuel paid. Its certainly a awesome deal if you can get your holidays concide to with there deals and i somehow managed to do this. There are conditons and restrictions but nothing on reasonable. 1.You will need to pay an insurance bond by CC or cash which will be refundable providing you dont damage the vehicle (my bond was $1000 with britz) 2.CC will be subject to a surcharge of 2% (from britz not standby cars) 3.All fuel which is to be remibursed needs to have a tax invoice, some service stations in smaller towns may not be able to provide you with this. 4.Standby cars will charge you a $25 booking fee plus a $75 holding deposit (which will be refunded if u pick up the vehicle this fee will vary a little depending on what company you are doing the relocation for). 5. There are minimum and maximum days between cities these are designed so you can reach your destination safely but also so you dont spend to much time delivering there campervan. Other things to keep in mind are relocation days are calculated on calendar day’s basis (not 24hrs) and the hours of relocation Mon-Fri: 0900 – 1500, Sat-Sun: 0900 -1300, so to get the best value for your vehicle pick it up at 9am on the first day and return it close to closing time on return, but beware there are very high (financial) penaltys for returning a vehicle late. Also beware there are limits on the KMs you can do you will always get min 150kms extra on longer trips and can be around 500kms extra. You dont have to book relocations through standby cars you can contact each campervan company direct only but i think its worth the $25 to let them do most of the leg work as in the event your campervan is suddenly unavailable at least they will be able to give you some options quickly. Remember stock is changing frequently at standbycars , so what you see there may already be rented, but if you have a chat to them they may be able to find you something similar. I would recommoned standby relocations to people who are travelling solo and people traveling with one or two others, if to many travelling with you, you will restrict greatly what type of vehicle you can be in.

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