Sale on at STA

7 May 2007

STA have just sent an email about their new sale. They actually seem to have some quite good prices on flights - like Europe from $1559 inc taxes. STA also have 10-20% off a bunch of tours, treks and adventure trips.

Not sure when it finishes though - no date given

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  • nod
  • jumpingjack
    That is one odd choice of picture for the ad! At first when I looked I thought her trousers were around her ankles...
  • nod
    'Drop everything'
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - it does look that way doesnt it.... wierd - they cant quite be leggings because she's got socks on.... I wonder if the ad started out as something like 'dont get caught with your pants down' and then got trimmed until it just looked a bit stupid and no one could figure out what it was about.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Are you sure it's even a girl???

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