Rent your car out for cash or rent someone elses car for cheap

25 January 2011

Drive my Car Rental is a site which allows people to rent there car out for cash. It also connects with people who wish to rent a car out at cheaper rates than a car rental agency.

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D - you've gotta love the internet.
  • nod
    This is a great idea but I think I would be a little worried about the state my car ended up in. I have never been one that is 'seriously' respectful of a hire car
  • normie
    You can choose the min age you want to rent your car to but if you really love your car you probably are better not to rent it. They do offer an insurance policy in the event your car is crashed.
  • fairybelle
    Seems like a good idea, Im not sure Id rent my car out but Id rent out someone elses
  • admin EDITOR
    Great money making idea there fairybelle. List your friends car, then just borrow it each time you get someone renting it :)
  • fairybelle
    Hahaha, Not exactly what I meant .... But still... not a bad idea...

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