Rail Europe: Young Travellers under 26 get 25% off FRANCE and SWISS passes

26 May 2008

By booking before the end of may, travellers under 26 years of age (do NOT have to be students) will receive a massive 25% off Rail Europe's FRANCE and/or SWISS passes!

25% discount applies for purchases in May for travel in:
May/June/July for Swiss pass.
May/June for France Pass
This means you would have to already have plans and be going pretty darn close.

France Pass is $165: 2nd Class youth pass, 3 days in 1 month
Swiss Pass is $150: 2nd Class, 4 day pass

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  • leny
    I'm not too sure about this deal. They advertise it in May for travel in May/June and May/June/July? It's going to be pretty difficult for someone to add this to their plans and itinerary now, because most of that is usually done when booking tickets, some 10 months prior. But if anyone is going to Europe within the next few months and hasn't got much to do, this deal is there for you. :D
  • nod
    Rail passes are a great idea when you consider how expensive individual tickets can be and it has to be the better way to see places in europe if you have a bit more time. I would recommend though that from London you check out all the cheap flight deals. Summer is peak travel season there so you can get some awesome deal if you keep your eye out. These can be better value than a rail pass - depending on where you want to go of course. The good thing about the rail passes is that you can get off and some of the smaller out of the way places. Possibly saving on some of the overland travel :)

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