Qantas: Kids Fly Free on International Flights Sale

7 February 2009

Until midnight (AEDT) Friday 20 February 2009, you can get amazing deals for you and your family on selected Qantas international flights with our Kids Fly Free international sale.

When you purchase a selected Qantas international Economy adult airfare you can take one child*with you for free!

Available to a great range of international destinations including London, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, San Francisico, New York, Honolulu, Buenos Aires, Auckland, Wellington, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai and Manila for departures from 7 February to 1 July 2009,^ including school holidays.
Some great ways you can save:

Travelling with an equal number of adults and children, for example:

* 1 adult + 1 child
* 2 adults + 2 children
* 3 adults + 3 children

Travelling with an equal number of adults and children / infants (infants up to 2 years), or with additional infants, for example:

* 2 adults + 1 child + 1 infant
* 2 adults + 1 child + 2 infants
* 2 adults + 2 children + 2 infants

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  • admin EDITOR
    My first question is 'what classifies as a child'
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhh - one under 12.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - how much of a rip off is it that they charge you $25 per ticket for payments made with charge or credit cards. Also - dont bother ring the telesales... thats going to cost you another $50 or $60 per adult..... Like the idea of the deal - reckon they're being pretty sharp though with their charges.
  • nod
    $25 for a CC sale :eek: that is ridiculous! but I guess some banks are charging 2-3% on transactions paid with via CC.
  • odysseus
    QF have been charging like that for a while; it's not something new to this sale. Sadly, many other Australian alrlines are pretty similar. After all (from their perspective) why not...?
  • admin EDITOR
    Its more and more common isn't it. Think the thing that made me snap to attention was more that it was 25 bucks than it was a sly (but small) charge. For a flight to the UK for example it represents 1.25% of the ticket cost. At $2000 for the overall ticket ok its not much - but if you bought a ticket costing $500 its 5%. There's not a whole lot of options to buy online except by credit card (or ...cough... paypal.... ripoff......) so either you pay it or perhaps take the telesales option where I'm assuming they charge you the telesales fee + credit card fee. Bugs me.... the sale itself is good value - half price for you and junior but I personally think the sly scummy 'add on' charges stink.

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