Qantas: Great flight deals for 08th JUNE ONLY

18 May 2008

Qantas is offering some great flight deals, but the only catch is that you can buy these great priced tickets for the 8th of June 2008 only.

Great for last minute trips, holidays, and VFRs on a full-service airline.

Guaranteed minimum 1000 Frequent flyer points with Qantas frequent flyer, minimum 500 points with AAdvantage.

Example deals:
Brisbane - Sydney $85
Sydney - Perth $225
Sydney Melbourne $99
Brisbane - Adelaide $120
Brisbane - Canberra $109
Brisbane - Townsville $119
Melbourne - Adelaide $90
Melbourne - Brisbane $115
Melbourne - Perth $215

Visit to take advantage of these deal.

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  • nod
    Thanks Leny :) These are one way right? well I guess so unless you need to go and return in the one day
  • leny
    Yes they are prices for each way. They are pretty reasonable prices for some of the destinations during this season. The next season or the opposite, fares such as these are expanded over a longer period of time. It is quite unusual for an airline to have a sale for flights on one day only. But at least it's not like some fares where you need to book 11 months ahead. This is less than one month. :)
  • nod
    I guess the good thing about this kind of sale is that they know the vast majority of people are going to be needing to return and hence will buy a 'full priced' fare. So quite a smart marketing ploy really when you think about it :)
  • leny
    The smart ones who want to save money will fly a LCC on the return. :D So they can at least enjoy the qualities of a full service airline on one of the legs.
  • nod
    ah very very good idea :D I am obviously out of the 'smart ones' loop :D

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