Pssss!! Jetstar JetMail Advance Warning On LOWEST FARE EVER! 21st November

16 November 2007

Very soon, Jetstar will be having a big sale.

In fact, we will be offering our LOWEST FARE EVER!

And this fare will be exclusive to JetMail members only!

So keep an eye on your inbox to make sure you don't miss out as it will only be on for a short time and seats will be limited.

Make sure your family and friends are part of the action - sign them up to JetMail now

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  • Brad
    ooh. Could be good. I remember $3 flights from them, lets see them beat that. I would imagine they will be gone in the first hour or so, so we'll have to be lightning fast! Hopefully they are starting to feel the pressure from Tiger. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhhh - lilpretzel - you might need to butter keeys up to see whether her friend knows the link that this will be coming out on.... we know how they stuffed up the footy finals one.

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