Perth - Singapore - Aprox $415 RETURN including tax's - TIGER

2 April 2008

I found this on another website and checked it out. I put in the departing date 7/7/08 return date 27/7/08 and the return trip was $413.32 including tax's.

I couldn't find any actual info on dates this is from and too but well worth a look if thinking of going.

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  • admin EDITOR
    thats gotta be a mistake ... the taxes on that would be nearly the same cost as the ticket..... I'll give you a very hot keeys.
  • lisss
    Nope - it adds taxes and they're more than 1/2 the cost of the ticket. Tiger only charge about $46 each way of their own fees.... :eek: :w00t: I checked and you can get this price in the July school hols as well, VERY HOT
  • admin EDITOR
    ha - thats an excellent bargain.
  • Keeys
    I had a look and you can get them for a little more from darwin maybe another $50 just fiddle with dates to get the right price. Hope someones able to use this offer it sounds great :)
  • yovi
    Any of you know a deal to go from sydney to perth for the mid year holiday? i'm trying to get a connecting flight.

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