One way Perth to Broome hire at Europcar $25 per day

14 April 2008

This is interesting to my small mind.

Broome 2500km from Perth and the drive up there is one of those epic road trips with some absolutely beautiful scenery. This is obviously a cheap way for these guys to get their cars up to Broome for tourist season.

Lets say you wanted to take a reasonably leisurely jolly at 500km a day. Min 5 days rental so theres $125. Id assume one of these cars will get you about 500k on a tank so you'd be looking at 5 fill ups at lets say $70 a pop, theres $350.

Still works out cheaper than flying assuming there's two of you and you wanted to see a bit of WA.

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  • nod
    You are limited to 500km a day too. Max days for the rental is 14 days. Downside: you need to get back down to Perth :( and a one way ticket from Broome may be expensive. But then again you could ask the rental guys if they need any cars to be taken back :D
  • admin EDITOR
    I was thinking more that you'd drive up and then fly to where ever else you were heading. Bargain traveller deal. Grab 4 people you know at the nearby hostel to share the cost and do a road trip :) You'd want to make sure you got along with them though. 2500 k in a car is a long time.
  • nod
    good idea if you were planning to head further north :)

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