Once: Win a trip for 2 to the USA with Flight Centre by throwing a paper plane!

6 October 2007

You have to play a paper plane throwing game to enter this one, so a bit more fun than some of the other comps we see on here :)

You apparently have to land your plane in the USA to be in the draw to win.

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  • admin EDITOR
    I managed to get all the way to alaska but for some reason when I go to enter I continually get an annoying error message on my birthdate. Has anyone managed to enter ??
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhh - my own stupid fault - I was entering the birthdate not just the birthyear.
  • ScarletRubies
    LOL. I thought you had to go instore and ACTUALLY throw a paper plane (and probably fold it yourself bla bla bla...) - so I ignored it (being a gumby). Sigh - I really should think these things through better, hm?
  • Emma EDITOR
    I guess I could add the word "virtual" to the title....
  • Gallifrey
    unfortunetly some of us dont fit the age group for contiki...........bummer!! :whistling: entrants must be 18-35 yr old to enter!
  • admin EDITOR
    no way ..... scumbags. That means my entry is out the door then. I'd always thought contiki was for the older end of the market.
  • ScarletRubies
    Ha!! Woohoo, I am young, gorgeous, and fit for a Contiki tour!!!!

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