Once: Win $5200 worth of Fuel

31 August 2008

Here's a lovely email harvesting competition for you. The way they advertise this is 'Win free fuel for a year' which is a little misleading as the max you can claim in any one year is $5200. Its based on 52 x $100 which if you own the average 24 litre (holden, ford, mercedes, ..... blah blah) tank is more the daily than weekly spend.

To enter you just have to tell them where you live, how much you earn, the name of your fourthborn, the dog type, preferences, age, telephone number, maiden name, eye colour, email address, age, mobile, .....Nothing too personal really - oh yea, you have to agree to be contacted by Wyndham as well.

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  • jackyblue
    Hmmm ... my soul for $5200? Ah - what the hell my soul was pretty rotten anyhow. :whistling:
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop JackyBlue :flowers we accept all sorts of souls .. even if they are rotten :D

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