Once: Win $5000 worth of flights on Qantas

13 February 2008

Copied from the webjet site

Planitonearth is Webjet's new free online trip planning tool that saves your Webjet booking or Webjet travel search results to its unique 'Trip Planner', with a click of your mouse. You can then see your trip plotted on Google Maps, invite friends and family to view your trip online, manage your trip budget and add miscellaneous travel items and activities.

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  • nlafanclub
    I'd love to win this, but it's never worked for me - tried one like this thru webjet yonks ago, but everytime I tried to go past choosing the flights it crashes. Same thing happened this time. Ah well, guess I'll just keep on tryin' & hopin'...
  • Gallifrey
    No flights to Planet Gallifrey, but did find some to Perth and back!! It worked for me, hot vote here, cheers :D
  • nlafanclub
    Oh, me of little faith! :rolleyes: I tried a couple more times & the 2nd attempt worked - I think I must have had my tongue sticking out the wrong side of my mouth all those other times :p

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