NRMA - 6 mnth roadside assistance for $50 (no $55 joining fee needed promotion)

25 May 2009

NRMA are currently offering 6 months of roadside assistance for $50, they are waiving the $55 joining fee.

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  • golfwidow
    Great timing. Thanks Lisss :)
  • Keeys
    Anyone know how long this iffer is for? Hubby let ours expire because he forgot to pay it hes going to try to get them to renew with some sob story cause hes a silver memberbut if they won't do it we might join this way. He won'y have time to make a million phone calls till next week though.
  • lisss
    I'm not sure Keeys, maybe call their freecall number and ask.
  • golfwidow
    You have till then end of June to sign up Keeys :)
  • admin EDITOR
    And of course NRMA membership can be handy for discounts - seaworld etc usually have a x% off for NRMA members from memory.

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