Melbourne Cup Carnival 2016 Survival Tips

Those of you already thinking about the Melbourne Cup 2016 will no doubt be planning your activities and travel because it’s less than one month away. Making the most out of the day requires planning and thought, especially if you want to save money where possible and still enjoy the fun with the rest of the crowd.

There are some hard fast rules that you should be aware of if you plan on making the most out of your time at the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2016. Here are the best tips and tricks I found online that were shared by veteran cup goers.


Fashion for the Races

Melbourne Cup Carnival 2016 Discount Fashion optionsIf you are travelling from outside Melbourne to see the races then you might have to deal with some increased costs this month. If fashion is an important part of the day for you then Buckscoop regularly have clothing deals and discounts across its deals board. If you don’t find what you are looking for then you can easily check out what vouchers and coupons your favourite retailers have to buy discounted clothing for the Melbourne Cup Carnival too.

If the search proves un-fruitful then try utilising this new service called Afterpay, which allows you to buy from a variety of 600 retailers online, receive the items immediately and pay for it in four instalments afterwards.


Transport to the Track

Transport to Race day Melbourne CupMany will opt for the train home from Flemington racecourse after race day because it’s affordable and easy. The only issue with this mode of transport is that you will probably be crushed in the process and have to deal with other unruly drunks.

If you don’t feel like spending money on a taxi (if you can get one), leave the race before the last race starts to get ahead of the crowds, it will save time and avoid pain. This can also be applied to arriving at the event, arrive 30 minutes earlier than you plan to.

The most pragmatic solution many of my friends have found in the past has been to arrange for a driver to collect you, it’s economical for four people, much faster than long waits at the taxi rank and more comfortable compared to the train.

Finally, there is a bus that goes from Flemington to Southern Cross Station that usually costs $10 - $15 per person, which not too many people know about either.


Money Saving Eating

An incredibly useful race-day tip is to eat a big breakfast in the morning and some snacks before you attend. Alcohol can have nasty effects when there is no food in your system and your comrades may be more geared towards drinking making the hunt for food slightly difficult. If one meal isn’t enough to sustain you throughout the day, save money by accepting any food / canapés that fly by in the marquee, on the lawn or anything that friends are giving out.


Dinner After the Races

Melbourne is going to be jam-packed and this is something you can guarantee, so if you feel like going out for dinner plan well in advance. If it’s a fancy restaurant that you feel like, make sure you book a table because queuing to eat after a day of hanging around at the races can feel longer than the day itself.

To help speed up the process of getting your bill and paying for it, consider using mobile applications such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


Avoid a Heavy Night the Eve before

The most dangerous days are certainly the Friday before the Derby and Monday before the cup day. Melbourne fills up with Sydneysiders, energy is high and alcohol is flowing making the city a truly electrifying place to be. However, don’t get carried away with long lunches or those extra few drinks the eve before because the alcohol consumption can make the following day drag on, especially if the weather is unpredictable this year.

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