Kids' Character Hardshell Suitcases $39.99 @ Catch

Kids' Hardshell Suitcases $39.99

If you're heading away over the school holiday break, these hardshell suitcases for kids are undeniably cool, and will definitely make traveling with kids that but easier. They're just $39.99 at Catch right now and come in some of the hottest characters around.

These two-wheeled suitcases measure 47 x 30 centimetres and they are suitable for carry-on luggage if you're planning on flying. They have lockable zip closures and interior straps to hold all those bits an pieces in place. There's also an internal pocket for storing important things.

Styles include:

From my experience, kids will actually "carry" a bag all of three metres before they give up, sulk and demand for someone else to carry it. (And buy them an ice cream!) So these wheelie hardshells are definitely going to help in the practicality stakes. Plus, they look pretty fab!

Standard shipping starts at $7.95.

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  • Mischa F.

    Yes they are pretty cool :grinning:

  • Crystal W.


  • Jersey C.

    both batman and lightening McQueen

  • Sarah M.

    The my little pony one is cute as

  • Natalie M.


  • Kelleigh H.

    Are these ok if kids sit on them

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