Jetstar Sale - fares from $39

27 August 2008

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Melbourne to:
Sydney (departs Avalon)$49
Gold Coast$65
Ballina Byron$79

Sydney to:
Melbourne (Avalon)$49
Gold Coast$49

Brisbane to:

Adelaide to:

(JSL fares, JS fares +$10)

The travel periods for the sale fares listed above are 15 October - 10 December 2008 and 13 January - 28 March 2009, except Melbourne to Gold Coast where the only travel period is 13 January - 28 March 2009.

This sale is on now until midnight (23:59 AEST) 9 September 2008, unless sold out prior. Sale may be extended.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Damn Leny..... I need Perth to Melbourne - do you know who might be coming up with a sale?
  • leny
    Tiger Airways Australia, most likely.
  • leny
    Though I really hope that Tiger Airways Australia goes to hell. I loathe that company. They should have NEVER been allowed to enter the Australian maket.
  • admin EDITOR
    How come Leny ?
  • leny
    They have taken the air transport industry to an all time low. Not even EasyJet has gone as low as Tiger Airways Australia.
  • gstok
    Actually leny, Jetstar took the air industry to an all time low. Tiger, for me, has shown how to be a successful budget airline. In June Tiger had the HIGHEST on-time performance. More than Qantas. More than Virgin Blue. Sure their fleet is smaller, but it still says something. Perhaps your expectations are too high? Perhaps you've not flown a budget airline in Europe or the US?
  • leny
    But they don't even fly anywehere but Melbourne? What's the point in that?
  • craftykiwi
    But they don't even fly anywehere but Melbourne? What's the point in that?
    For us who live here in Melbourne that's a great point! :D
  • admin EDITOR
    Perhaps your expectations are too high? Perhaps you've not flown a budget airline in Europe or the US?
    Some of the european ones really go new meaning to 'cattle class'. But that said, if your paying budget price you cant expect first class. I get wound up when paying the quivalent of full price for crap service.
  • Keeys
    We used Tiger when we went to Melbourne a couple of months ago and were really impressed. The cabin staff were lovely and took our kids on a little tour ...not to the cock pit but talked to them about the safety doors, where the food is kept, the loos (every kids fav or fear) etc they took master 18mths off our hands when he got a little restless and one put on a little magic show, way above what there job is but you could see they loved their job. On a flight a few months back with Virgin the girls all stood around talking and one got annoyed when interupted by some alarm thing going off....turns out the alarm was for them to tell everyone to put seat belts on due to terbulance rude to be interupted from your chit chat for such a thing. We'd fly tiger again for sure ..especially when we only paid $10 each from Newcastle - Melbourne ;)
  • queenshrew
    I'm for Tiger too! Flew with them once and was really happy. Their cabin crew are NICE and actually HELPFUL..unlike JETSTAR! Tiger Airways is a subsidiary of SIA (Singapore Airlines) and they always have a great rep. I booked my flight VERY early during the huge sale, but their times got changed and I actually got a personal phone call to inform me about the change to my itinerary. I mean, they sent me emails as well.. but the fact they called me to confirm as well..I was really impressed! Even though the time changes were within 15min. Jetstar has the rudest bunch of people we've ever met! They stand around pulling crap faces at you, but NEVER: 1) Help you put your bags in the overhead compartment. I mean, she'll stand there and watch you struggle. Doesn't even smile..just gives you a dirty look for being so 'weak'. (B*tch!) 2) Offer to help you in any way when they see you struggling with a fiesty 2 year old who insisted on walking (and tries to run away from you) instead of being carried! (They are always scowling and projecting this "Oh GEEZ, look at that stupid mum with a child, do they have to be on my plane????") Grrr The lot of them loves to stand around doing nothing. I mean, what's the point of them being on the plane at all? Where the heck do they get off employing these nasty biatches? From a reject modeling agency? International flights - their cabin crew is actually a lot nicer. Funny that.
  • leny
    Can I ask, are you regular travelers? Or is this one of those family holidays once or twice a year?
  • lilpretzel
    Sound like you've had some really bad experencies with Tiger Leny, thats some harsh words being used. What did they actually do to you? I however have nothing but praise for Tiger Airways I and family members have flown with them numerous of time and each and every time never once had bad service. My sister took ill on our flight down to Melbourne in July, we didn't even get a chance to speak to the Flight Attendant she already had cold water and face wipes on hand for her, now that's what I call top service. To our amazement on our flight home a few days later one of the staff remembered her and asked was she feeling better, just brilliant. BTW, We only paid $20 return for our tickets and got treated just like everybody else even scored the emergency isle with cost $25 extra for free (These offer more leg room) ;) I do except the odd hiccup like with every airline with delays, I'm prepared to wait if it means getting on a plane that is 100% safe. Virgin Blue is fantasic no complaints here but Jetstar if I really really have to use them I will, fingers x as I'm off to Mackay on Saturday with them :rolleyes:
  • leny
    Yes, but I bet that you are another one of those people who doesn't fly very often. No wonder that businesses don't place their staff on TT!! You think you are getting great service from flying with them once a year, but try more often. It would surprise you just how much your point of view would change after using TT twice a week, every week. This is one thing that most people can't understand, but it is great that you have received great service in the situation you have explained. :) There's nothing wrong if it is a cheap flight and you just take it to go on holiday.
  • admin EDITOR
    whats the significance of seat 19A Brad ?
  • mouldgirl
    Brad or Leny? :eek: For me, if you pay a budget price then expect a budget service. First class service for economy seat prices don't happen or they don't for me.
  • queenshrew
    I don't fly for business (obviously) but I do fly VERY often - often with my little girl in tow. I travel about 10 times RETURN a year, ranging from national to international flights. So I think I know what I'm talking about... When I say they are rude - they certainly are rude :p --- I have to say that most people I know who have to travel a lot on business are on usually on QANTAS (esp if International flying is involved) and sometimes on VIRGIN BLUE I never see them travel on business on Jetstar or other airlines.. I should also point out we flew Jetstar when we were on our honeymoon.. I definitely do NOT recommend. Worst flight ever! No seat allocations cos it was a small plane...and this elderly lady got shoved into neverneverland when she tried to get on! I felt sorry for her, but not so sorry I was going to let the monkey who shoved people get the best seat..I shoved him back and ran for the plane HAHA Luckily nowadays they have seat allocations :p Altho it's not much consolation when their staff are so awful...
  • dennisy
    I too would like to second (or 3rd or 4th?) the positive comments for TIGER Airways. I am fortunate to live in Melbourne, and have flown with them to quite a few of their domestic destinations - Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Rockhampton, Mackay and 1 of their international destinations - Saigon, Vietnam. And most of these at bargain prices too :D In all my travel experiences with Tiger, the crew were professional, helpful and courteous - planes were clean, checkin was easy and straightforward. And best of all, most of their flights departed on-time - I would estimate my "on-time departure experience" (within +/- 5mins) with Tiger at 95% :p Can't say the same of my recent Jetstar travel experience from Melbourne to Sydney - where the flight was totally cancelled - and they only informed passengers at the very last minute - when I had made the trip all the way out to Avalon airport and was in the process of checking-in :mad: So, all I can say is GO TIGER!! :whistling:
  • leny
    Well thank you for the feedback on TT. I might have to reconsider my views on them and try them again on my next trip. It's that those with whom I've discussed Tiger, they were nothing but hell.
  • winniblu
    Well I fly from Perth to sydney for work with Virgin. I think that the service I have had from budgo family holidays on jetstar crapolas on virginblue.

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