International flight sale Jetstar EG: Cairns- Tokyo $199

14 October 2008

Syd - Auckland $159
Per- Jakata $149
Syd - Osaka $349

prices to Auckland book until midnight (23:59 AEDT) Thursday 16 October 2008

other destinations book until midnight (23:59 AEDT) Tuesday 21 October 2008

Check out the link for more flights

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  • queenshrew
    I was about to post it too. Some nice deals if you're happy to plan your holiday far ahead! (Which we always do!)
  • wheadle
    thanks for the extras :) syd-honolulu looks good
  • queenshrew
    thanks for the extras :) syd-honolulu looks good
    We were at Honolulu.. Not fantastic imho! :p Too many tourists!!! ...And being forced to pay 10% tip even when bad service is given - really sucks :p LOL I just can't get around my head about being 'forced' to tip. Ugh! Why's it called a tip when you're forced to pay it?
  • admin EDITOR
    I have problems with tipping as well when its expected. Let me give you money for the service you've given but dont expect me to give it.
  • nod
    Happy to give it when the service is good but the american way where you are basically paying their wages because the restaurant owner wants to pay them pittance I am not particularly fond of either
  • andrewr
    Thanks, but yesterday I got Sydney - Auckland $99 in the 99 minute sale :p

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