Free 'Green Code' book when you spend $60 at Lonely Planet + 7% cashback

7 May 2007

If you need to stock up on some LP guides before you head off on your travels and spend over $60 LP will give you the 'Green Code' guide for "free (valued over $25).
Here is what they say:
It's about a connection. The connection you make with places of beauty. The connect you make with people who lead very different live to you. And it's about making connections in a sustainable way, so that the same opportunities will be there for the future.
Code Green is an alert to the need for change in the way we travel. It draws together almost 100 responsible travel experiences from across the planet, from budget backpacking to serious luxury, all linked by three defining principles; tread lightly on the environment, immerse yourself in the culture and have a positive economic benefit for the local community"

Plus you can get 5.6% cashback and we have a load of 20% off discount coupons for LP - I have attached them
Also if you spend over $60 you get free delivery

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