Fly Canberra - Melbourne and Launceston - Melbourne for $19.95 with Tiger Airways

19 March 2008

Fly Canberra - Melbourne and Launceston - Melbourne for $19.95 with Tiger Airways

from Melbourne to Adelaide - A$29.95 one-way

from Melbourne to Hobart - A$29.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Newcastle - A$29.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Alice Springs - A$59.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Gold Coast - A$59.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Mackay - A$59.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Rockhampton - A$59.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Sunshine Coast - A$59.95 one-way
from Melbourne to Darwin - A$99.95 one-way
Melbourne to Perth - $99.95 one-way

Buy period: 19 Mar 08 to 20 Mar 08, or until seats sell out.
Fly period: 1 Sep 08 to 25 Oct 08

These internet discounted fares are only available online at The fare includes an A$10 discount off the regular fare, which is otherwise applicable to bookings (per passenger per flight) made through our call centre. An additional A$5 will be charged for each credit card booking (which may include a number of flights). Fares are subject to availability. Only available during the stated buy period and for scheduled flights during the operational travel period. Fares are for one way travel only and include all flight related taxes and fees. Fares may not be available during peak periods, public holidays or certain blackout periods. Not available in conjunction with any other promotions or for group bookings. All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. Additional conditions apply for stated Flight Combo(TM). Tiger Airways reserves the right to change, modify and cancel this promotion without prior notice. Refer to for more details and conditions. Tiger Airways Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 124 369 008.

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  • ScarletRubies
    meh, $100 between Darwin and Melbourne? No thanks - I did it for $10 a few weeks back!!! :D
  • lilpretzel Yes prices can be better, I paid $20 return Gold Coast - Melbourne. This easter special they want $120 :eek: So Ruby whats your opinion on Tiger?
  • ScarletRubies
    Can't remember where I did a write up before, but I thought they were great in the air; staff were lovely and helpful. On the ground is a different story; awful service, lousy facilities in Melbourne, baggage claim was ridiculous, the flight schedule didn't suit me at all (but then, cheap flights in and out of Darwin are always in the middle of the night), and there is no flexibility with ticket conditions. Their website stinks; you can't book and pay for connecting flights as one transaction, adding to your CC charges and (as happened to me) you risk one leg being unavailable by the time you've booked the first. Still, I paid $120 including all fees and charges for my dorta and I to travel from Darwin to the Gold Coast and home again. It was worth every cent and inconvenience to see my best friend, but I won't be doing it again in a hurry, and will only ever choose Tiger for the money - but I absolutely will grit my teeth and use them again. Flying a family of 4 around the country side isn't cheap. So, if you want or need to travel cheaply, suck it up, deal with the inconveniences and enjoy your holiday once you're there. The holiday doesn't start till you reach your destination!

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