CountryLink - $1 child fares to a range of destinations!

13 November 2007

Kids can go a long way for a dollar
Throughout the months of December, January and February (including the school holidays) CountryLink is offering a great value family fare to help make your holiday, short break or visit to friends or relatives that little bit more affordable.

Up to four children from a family can travel to any of over 360 destinations on the CountryLink network for just a dollar each. The children must be accompanied by two adults paying full fare from the same family, e.g. parents, grandparents or guardians and the family musttravel together for the duration of the journey.

(a) Available in conjunction with two adult paying passengers and a maximum of four children.
(b) The normal applicable child fare is to be charged for any children in addition to the four.
(c) This fare applies to first and economy class seats only and is not applicable to sleeping berths.
(d) The fare is not available to adults in possession of concession cards or pensioner travel vouchers or family groups travelling on rail employee passes.
(e) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other CountryLink fare.
(f) Available for travel between 1 December 2007 and 29 February 2008.
(g) The $1.00 fare is available on a one-way basis.
(h) The child $1.00 promotional fare is not refundable.

To book please call 13 RAIL (13 72 45) or visit your nearest CountryLink travel centre or authorised agent to take advantage of this great offer.

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  • MamaK
    much nicer than keeping them entertained in a car. Voted hot :)
  • voteoften
    This was the email I sent to them a couple of minutes ago. I find the current kids promotion to be highly discriminatory. It clearly favours children form intact families. It is manifestly unfair (and perhaps illegal discrimnation on the basis of discrimination based on relationship status and family responsibility) that you are requiring two adults to travel to get even one child fare at $1. If you have 2 adults travelling you can get 4 kids on for $1 each, so 2 kids for every adult. If you were a single parent, you should be able to get two children on for the $1 fare. I find this highly offensive and regressive. Single parent families should be assisted at least as much as two parent families in a modern western society. Instead, you are penailising them. Please amend your promotion and advertise the amendments at least as promonently as you have promoted the initial discriminatory promotion. Thank you. :mad: This sort of promotion is unacceptable from an organisation taht is presumably taking taxpayer $. :mad:
  • voteoften
    sorry for the spelling errors. hard to concentrate with steam coming out of your ears.
  • MamaK
    I didn't even read the fine print properly- hopefully you can work out something.
  • lisss
    voteoften it will be interesting to see what they say!
  • nod
    I gave it a hot vote on the basis of the offer before I read your comment Voteoften I think it is just them wanting to make sure they get 2 paying travellers to offset the cost of the kiddies but I completely agree with you re single parents Let us know what they say in response
  • Keeys
    I just went and had a look as we have to travel to Brisbane in January but it looks like we will be driving. The deal was only good from Brisbane not to Brisbane and you had to travel to Sydney we wanted to get off at Newcastle. Hope its a good deal for someone though?
  • nod
    ah so they are more restrictions? Thanks Keeys

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