Cheap luxury at the Sanctum Soho Hotel London Aug / Sept 2013 for $283 a night.

4 April 2013

A good price on a boutique London central hotel. Expedia Australia are having a Europe Hotel sale and the discount prices for The Sanctum Soho Hotel are good. Having spent plenty of time staying in London Hotels there's crappy expensive hotels you can stay at and great expensive hotels you can stay at.

The Sanctum Soho Hotel is one of the nice boutique hotels dotted around the city located just near Carnaby St. That whole area is pretty funky these days. If your going to stay in London do it properly. The dates I priced for are between friday 2nd of Aug to 4th of Aug but I checked random dates in both Aug and Sept and found the same room type / price are available. Its possible you will find them either side of those two months as well. The price is good - $283 for a deluxe double per night and its peak time in London which means availability on the good places will evaporate and you'll end up paying £300 for a night in a crap hotel. The price otherwise for same room is $424 per night. You can get breakfast included but they will sting you an extra $30 for it which in my opinion is a waste of money given that there's a couple of very very good coffee shops and pastry shops 5 minutes from the door.

Worth booking if you know your in London and want a bit of luxury in your hotel rather than the usual schmaltz.

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