Best cruises - $500 onboard credit for Club Amazara Europe cruises.

9 April 2010

Best cruises have a deal on at the moment where booking before June 30th on the Club Amazara cruises you get $500 US onboard credit that you can rack up. Checking the rates and on a couple that I looked at it - assuming you only spent the $500 credit, and thats about what you'd spend no matter what room type you'd get an outside room for the same price as an inside.

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  • odysseus
    Just to clarify something... Although you didn't give examples, looking at the prices, I think you compared the 'inside' and 'outside' price at the bottom with the credit to say that it's equivalent. However, those prices are per person prices, whereas the credit is per cabin. For example if the inside price is $1929, the minimum cabin cost (not including tips) is $3858 vs outside price of $2479 for a cabin cost of $4958 (plus tips) against the credit of $500 offered to the outside cabin.
  • admin EDITOR
    I knew my logic was flawed as I was writing it - but no I hadnt clicked that it was per person and the credit per cabin.

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