Apollo Campervan Relocation Specials - Still active April 2012

9 April 2009

Apollo Campervans are sometimes paying $100 Cash plus free fuel if you help them relocate some campervans.

Follow link to see what they have available at the moment.

Just checking out a few older deals and I see that Apollo still have these $1 camper deals. Great offers

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  • NoosieB
    This is a great idea for travellers. I did something similar in the US many years ago. Works out to be quite a cheap holiday. ;) Good find normie.
  • admin EDITOR
    Couple of those Darwin Perth ones would be ok 5-6 days to get down there. That Brisbane to Sydney relocation would be a fair slog given that you only have 24 hours to get down there.
  • nod
    Great price but the bris to syd does look like a killer. Good if you just had to get there - you would never get a flight that cheap :D and you could sell tickets in the van and make some cash :D
  • eggles
    Thanks Normie. cashback on one dollar :w00t:
  • admin EDITOR
    Its an old post but still going - there's a couple of those $1 a day deals that arent bad, in the sense that they give you a decent amount of days to get there.
  • nod
    And this offer is still going on, hence I edited the OP :D Some of the USA deals would be good. They give you 3 weeks to get from Indiana to San Fran - would be a great trip

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