$867 - SYD/MEL/BNE/OOL to Los Angeles or San Francisco

4 August 2009

Flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Coolangatta, to Los Angeles or San Francisco with Air New Zealand on lastminute.com.au

Travel is from 24/07/2009 -24/11/2009, Book by 11/08/2009

If travelling further out, fares are $1042-1136 (depending on origin) for travel 06/08/2009 -
27/03/2010; book by 19/08/2009

Canada is also $1211 return for travel 11/09/2009 - 15/11/2009; book by 11/08/2009 This is also a very good price.

(I only checked Sydney for specific details so may be different from other origins)

Syd: http://www.lastminute.com.au/international-flights/air-new-zealand-airfares-sydney-to-north-america
MeL: http://www.lastminute.com.au/international-flights/air-new-zealand-airfares-melbourne-to-north-america
BNE: http://www.lastminute.com.au/international-flights/air-new-zealand-airfares-brisbane-to-north-america
OOL: http://www.lastminute.com.au/international-flights/air-new-zealand-airfares-coolangatta-to-north-america

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