$50 cashback from Paypal when you book AirAsiaX Perth/Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur

13 June 2008

The wording is a little confusing so here is a quote from the PP email:
"Between now and 30 June 08, book a flight on AirAsia X between Perth or the Gold Coast and Kuala Lumpur and pay using PayPal and you will receive $50 cash back in your PayPal account."

And a bit more info:
Limited to the first 4,000 ex-Australia bookings. Get in quick! Flights and fares are subject to availability. Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights. Fares include airport taxes, surcharges and fees. Travel period 1 Jul 08 - 25 Sep 08. All fares are one-way on the web and are in Australian dollars unless stated. Air Asia will credit your PayPal account two weeks after the end of the promotion."

Brilliant if you snap up a bargain fare too :)

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  • joelwilliam
    Hey, I took up this offer and haven't received anything, i've called paypal who told me to contact airasia, contacted airasia who told me to contact my bank. I told them my bank would have no idea what I was talking about, called my bank anyway, they had no idea. Did anyone else take up this offer and get the cashback?
  • admin EDITOR
    Your the second person who's just recently reported issues with a paypal cashback offer. Its making me wonder how reliable they actually are.
  • nod
    I think some of the confusion seems to stem from not really knowing who is responsible for honouring the promo?? Not good enough really. But one thing to consider is that the wording of the offers seems to suggest that it is Paypal that needs to cough up the $ .. but then again maybe they are waiting for $ from Airasia? We need to wait 2-3 months for the payment from the merchants so maybe that is the case here? Would be nice for them to tell you at the onset though
  • joelwilliam
    I wish i could find a copy of the website that had the offer info, i've tried google cache, but can't seem to find it, however my google cache skills are pretty basic. And the way back machine doesn't have anything. The worst thing is, nobody seems to know anything about the offer. First Paypal told me the email i received with a fraud, as they had never heard of it, when i spoke to a supervisor i was advised it has nothing to with them and to contact airasia, the supervisor had never even heard of them and had to do a google search to find out any info about them. Airasia first said it was paypal i had to contact, then when i advised them that paypal said it was them i had to contact, i was advised to contact my bank, rang them just so i could phone back and tell airasia i had, as i knew my bank would have no idea what i was talking about. Phoned airasia back and they told me the supervisor i was speaking to was busy and would call me back, he didn't. If anyone has a copy or can find a copy of the offer from the website, please let me know, i'll keep this thread updated with my progress with airasia. EDIT: I booked on the 17th only 4 days into the promo i doubt they would have sold 4000 paypal seats in 4 days.
  • admin EDITOR

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