$30 cash back on bookings of $300 or more when paying with Paypal at Webjet

11 February 2013

I'd normally not bother posting something like this but doing this one because the $30 is deposited to your paypal account. Means no stuffing around with mail in redemption forms and also means the $30 is available to spend anywhere that takes paypal.

I was looking to see what coupon codes were around on Buckscoop for Webjet but theres no current ones at the moment. Worth keeping an eye out as if one comes up I'm pretty sure you're going to be able to use it to stack discounts.

So deal is: min spend of $300 at Webjet, on flight hotel or holiday bookings, paid with paypal before 25th of Feb.

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  • odysseus
    Only thing is you're up for another $33.00 in fees for booking through webjet, and further still against other sites, so you're really behind. Plus you have to wait for them to do the credit so not worth it all up.
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - webjet postings are more just a 'if your already there and going to be spending anyway' make the most of the offer.

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