20% off book packs, free encounter guide(save $20) PLUS cashback @ Lonely Planet

9 April 2008

I think this is a pretty good deal.
First you get the guide book pack. They have a few to chose from eg Africa, Australian, Peru travel pack .... and this saves you 20% on what you would pay for the books separately.
You then can grab an encounter book for free. You chose your title and they have quite a few to chose from there too
And on top of that you can pick up free delivery when you spend over $60(some of the travel packs are already over $60. Some are sneakily priced at $59.08) and you then get 9% cashback

Not too shabby I think

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  • nod
    http://enewsletters.lonelyplanet.com.au/download/files/15548/467456/March08_EncounterChooseYourTitle_hero.jpg The encounter books are listed at full price when you see them but they are reduced to $0 in your shopping cart :)

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