2 for 1 Business Qantas business tickets to London or Frankfurt

12 February 2009

Business ticket deals do not come around very often and this is a pretty good one I think. You are looking at about $6000 for 2 tickets return to London or Frankfurt via Singapore or Hong Kong. This includes taxes. You need to fly 15th March to the 31st August which means at least you are heading into summer.
Sale starts midnight tonight and ends 17th

I can not find this offer on the Qantas site - only via Best Flights and fingers crossed they will honor the cashback

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  • ludinds
    Umm, no, the price on the website is per person, you are looking at $12,000 for 2 tickets. :(
  • hbtoh
    Good find, but yes unfortunately the fare is $6000 is per person. Still good price for Business. Here's the link on the Qantas web site http://www.qantas.com.au/info/business-2-for-1?int_cam=au:business2for1 Book before 17 Feb 2009
  • admin EDITOR
    I think Qantas are being a bit slimey here. Check Emirates. The (total) cost of a return out of Melbourne business class on them is $7200, while Qantas seem to think the same flight is worth an additional $4000. I personally think Qantas have just put the price of a single up to cover the difference hoping no one will notice and then put out a fanciful marketing campaign. Typical of the way that advertisers type to shaft consumers.
  • odysseus
    QF haven't done anything slimey with pricing in this case. Their pricing has always been around that mark. The Emirates price is likely a discounted one, so Emirates have just put a different form of special on, but QANTAS have always charged a 'premium' price. Whether they're worth that is another matter(!) but that's just the way it is. As hbtoh says, good if you are a business traveller.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats a heck of a price premium. I could understand 1k but not 4. The emirates tickets weren't on sale - the sale ones are even cheaper.

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