10 night P&O south pacific cruise from Newcastle 8th Oct - twin share from $648, Quad share from $39

11 August 2010

Posted to us by the guys at eseacruising and we're posting here as its not a bad deal.

Details for the trip are

Cruise Line : P&O Cruises Australia
Cruise Ship : Pacific Sun
Region : South Pacific
Departing : 08 October 2010
Departs From : Newcastle, Australia

Day 1 Newcastle, Australia
Day 2 At Sea
Day 3 Brisbane, Australia
Day 4 At Sea
Day 5 At Sea
Day 6 Poum, New Caledonia
Day 7 Noumea, New Caledonia
Day 8 Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Day 9 At Sea
Day 10 At Sea
Day 11 Newcastle, Australia 7:00AM

The normal price range your looking at for twin is $1400 and quad $930 direct from P&O and through the other third party discount vendors twin in the range of $800 upward and quad prices seem to be all over the place.

The only caveat is that this is a 'from' price. Your getting inside cabins at this price but I'd have though you'd want to spend your time doing things so the cabin itself would be fairly irrelevant (but I've never been on a cruise myself).

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  • Keeys
    OMG what a HOT deal!!!
  • Keeys
    No availability for kids :( Great for adults though!! Just no good for me ...thats ok am hanging out for Air Asia sale ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    What would you normally pay for kids keeys ?
  • Keeys
    when I say no availability for kids it means they set a limit for each age group according to kids club numbers. So this cruise is full for kids it starts in the school holidays so thats part of the reason. Having 5 we'd need 2 rooms but hubby can't get time off so was tempted to bag this bargin and take the kids on my own but not to be. When we cruised with the kids before they allowed 5 in the room as long as only 2 were adults they don't do this anymore which is a shame :( As I said in my original post great price considering it includes all entertainment, meals etc Just need spending money for drinks and any tours you want to go on ....oh and yourduty free grog ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    Shame it doesnt come with onboard credit :)
  • Rebekah76
    having been on cruises, where your cabin is totally irrelevant (unless you are claustrophobic to the idea of being below the waterline) You really aren't getting the most of your holiday if you spend all the time in your cabin. Too much to do - even reading a book - why wouldn't you be up on deck, or in a lounge with a tasty cocktail! This is a great price - anyhting under $100 per night is considered a good deal (don't forget that you get fantastic meals and most activities included in this price (just have to buy drinks really) Kids price depends on age normally (so, under a certain age can be half price) - but often that is half of full price - last time we travelled it was $500 pp for 7 day cruise which was less than half price, so our kids paid full price. (but 4 of us for $2000 was still good) doing a cruise around NZ in Dec (so excited). cost is $4,200 for 5 of us (14 nights - bargain!) - Royal Carribean have a few 5 berth cabins on some of their boats Donkey On a side note - A friend recently said if you live anywhere near one of the ports it can be worth asking on the day the ship leaves if they have any spots - if the ship has any empty berths, they can be keen to fill up the rooms - they'd rather have you in there as you are more likely to buy drinks and other tours etc - so you can get a fantastic deal. He even said they were offered once as they got off the boat - "Would you like to cruise again for free" - but they had to get back to work, so had to say no!
  • eseacruising
    Thank You Donkey for posting up this deal. To answer some of your questions: Child Availability: Please feel free to submit a waitlist request (as per normal booking process but in additional notes put in 'please put me on the waitlist for child space" We received a large number of booking requests of which some have not paid a deposit (due to our no obligation policy). Should someone cancel then there is a chance of getting onboard - with pricing, as this is a heavily reduced fare children will have to pay adult fares this is the way cruise lines calculate fares: First two passengers pay a higher fare (twin share rate) and third and fourth pay a lower nominal fare (at times approximately half of first two passengers). However as the calculation is rather complex we have done the calculation for you already, but indicated what the average fare of first two passengers + third and fourth passenger fare is - which is the published Quad rate. Quad Cabins is currently on waitlist - however as mentioned I do suggest you putting in a waitlist as there is still a good number of cabins who have not made a payment. Once the no obligation period reaches the booking will auto cancel and allocated to the first person on the waiting list. I hope this clarifies your questions. Cheers, Elbe.
  • Keeys
    Wouldn't likemy chance on waitlist with 3 kids in different age groups haha I'll have to look into those 5 berth rooms though thanks for that :)
  • eseacruising
    No problems - if a good 5 ppl cabin deal comes about I'll PM you or you can sign up to our newsletter. In the interim I have some good news - P&O Opened up spaces for kids on the cruise. All ages open except for 3 - 6 years old. Cheers, Elbe.
  • Keeys
    You tempted me I've sent in a request...if it hapens it was ment to happen. I need a 3-6year old spot as well though so will see. Thanks for all your help, and that would be great if anything 5berth came up. We loved our last cruise and are keen to go again.
  • Angelwingsflys
    We were lucky enough to book on this cruise ,I am so happy , it is a great bargain .
  • Keeys
    Was an awsome deal glad someone was able to snap it up :) :) We didn't have any luck with 3 kids in different age groups never was going to be easy. We've since booked for a holiday next July in Kuala Lumpur and Chiang Mai but we will be still keeping an eye out for anything like this again...won't hold my breath such a BARGIN!!! Have an amazing time!!!

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