Pre-Order Monopoly Roald Dahl Edition $49.99 @ Ozgameshop

19 January 2018
Pre-Order Monopoly Roald Dahl Edition $49.99

I can't believe it! The Roald Dahl edition of Monopoly is on its way, and it's available for pre-order right now for just $49.99 at Ozgameshop with super cheap shipping of just $1.99! Splendiferous!

If you and the kids are huge fans of Roald Dahl books (and how could anyone NOT be?!), this edition of Monopoly is one that simply cannot be passed by.

This is a pre-order, and is virtually impossible to find elsewhere at this stage, so there's not a lot of information about what surprises we can expect inside this game. But, I think it's very safe to assume this one will be packed with bald witches, snozzcumbers, giant peaches and chocolate factories!

Get your orders in now!

Ozgameshop ships its products from the UK to Australia for just $1.99, or FREE over $50.

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  • Suzannah F.

    Finally, a verson of monopoly I might be able to tolerate :joy::joy:

  • Megan E.

    Haha who couldn’t love it

  • Lisa T.

    OMG!!!! Coolest thing ever!!!

  • Kara A.

    i must have this in my life

  • Beth R.

    Awesome! Definitely buying this :two_hearts:

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