Wii Fit $119 at Kmart - starts Thursday 22 - 28th May

20 May 2008

Nice price on the Wii fit for those that are still looking to exercise in their loungeroom
Sale start Thursday 22nd May

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  • nod
  • craftykiwi
    This is great fun. We've only had ours a short time and everyone in our house loves it. Definitely makes exercising enjoyable and we've had to almost book a time to use it with everyone wanting to have their turn. Heard a lot of places have run out so if they have these available at this price it's a great deal - even cheaper than ours which at the time was $20 off.
  • nod
    LOL the wii fit timetable on the fridge :D It is a good price and I think they wil run out pretty fast so you will need to head down on Thursday to your nearest Kmart

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