Water Rower Club Exercise Machine Free Delivery $1555 (normally $1799 on ebay)

28 September 2012

This is one of the better rowing exercise machines around (better be at that price). The other is the Concept 2 (an air resistance type). The Water Rower uses a tub of water to provide resistance which means they're quieter than the air type. Pretty outrageous how much they cost here (when they're the usual $1800) considering they're around $1100 in the US. You can hook up a heart rate monitor and even race or exercise on a computer against other users or your previous times.

Just in the last few day Just Fitness have dropped their ebay price to $1599 down from $1799 (I got it by Offer at $1555) to try to teach a competitior a lesson (so I was told) - so that price won't last. The Free Delivery doesn't apply to outback areas. I'm sure you could wangle the deal direct with Just Fitness at 1300 212 222

Some accessories and info available at Waterrower, but it's worth asking Just Fitness what they can include with your deal (I got the Starter Kit for $180).


If you want to get the Netathlon software ($200) get it direct from the producer for US$149.95

So all up you can save $314 by spending nearly $1885. Try explaining that to your spouse :-)

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