Vango Beta 450 4 person tent & a $25 item (e.g. torch). Free shipping $252.40

26 September 2012

I was looking around for a reasonable quality, 3 season tent bigger than the 2 person hiking tent I have. Something to lug around in a car boot (rather than a hiking tent) so weight wasn't a big concern. Good size inside and also a good sized vestibule or 'porch' area for dirty clobber and cooking in the wet. High enough so you could get dressed without having to lie down. Not one of those big squarish jobs though.

Found some in the big camping stores that looked reasonable (Coleman Traveller 3CV $179-ish looked ok, but small vestibule). Then I found this one in various places in the mid to high $200's (plus shipping). It gets good reviews.

There are two models around - the more recent one has the 'porch' floor built in (bath tub style). On the older ones (typically on ebay) it's a seperate sheet. You may find that one cheaper (though I don't think so).

Amberjack have 10% off with the code D7OUTFIT (not sure when that expires) and a deal that to get free shipping you need to spend over $250. The tent is $250, but the 10% off takes it under the free ship limit so you need to add something at least $24-5 to get up over $250 and get the free shipping. I selected a Fenix torch. Their site is a bit slow. They're in Narooma, NSW.

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