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17 March 2008


The idea is that if you have a bicycle which is seriously lighter and more compact than anything existing at the moment, it will change the way in which people see bikes.
This uniquely styled bike feels much like a normal bike to ride, however unlike other folding bikes it can easily be slipped into a bag while you hop on the train, bus, or even a plane.
The frame is made from heat treated aluminum and nylon reinforced with glass fiber, similar to that used in the aerospace industry. Interestingly, although the wheels look very small, the pedal power required isn't all that much different from a regular bike, and because the chain system is fully enclosed, you don't have to worry about catching your clothes in the mechanism. It's completely oil-free so it won't make you dirty either.


* The world's smallest, lightest bike - only 5.5kg!
* Incredibly compact
* Folds in 10 seconds
* Cuts journey times
* High-presure pneumatic tyre
* Fully enclosed drive chain
* Low maintenance
* Twin chain transmission
* Optimized gearing
* Adjustable seat height


* Unfolded size: 100cm x 70cm x 43cm
* Weight: 5.6kg
* Dual chain ratio: 14:8 and 35:9
* Max. weight tolerance: 85kg
* Max. braking force: complies with BS1602 part 1:1992
* Polymer composite: 30% GF PA66
* Aluminum: heat treated 6061T6
* Tyre size: 15cm/6 diameter x 3.2cm/1
* Tyre valve type: Shraeder
* Pneumatic tyre pressure: 90PSI
* Max. saddle height: 90cm
* Min. saddle height: 82cm

Live Demonstration

Package Content

* Bike
* Tools
* Brochures
* Tyre Pump
* Bag
* Bicycle Bell

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  • leny
    That's a nice bike, though a little ugly with tiny wheels. But is sure sounds convenient. :thumbsup: I thought about buying one, but I just got my Subway bike. Voted hot.
  • yovi
    There is a similar one in model SPYX1016 for $99.95

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