Sigma - BC 1606L Cycling Computer @ Cell Bikes $39.95

26 September 2007

Whereas the last cell cycle deal was a laugh this is here because its a good price.

Its touted as the top of the range Sigma (not that that means a great deal) but in any case it has all the basic functions you need - except GPS to tell you where you should have gone.

Nearest other prices are $55 up to $120 so the price is worth a look if your in the market for one.


* LCD backlight
* Low battery indicator
* Backup function/through saving chip
* Two wheel sizes adjustable
* Clock and model name in standby
* Actual speed
* Average speed
* Comparison of actual and average speed
* Maximum speed
* Trip distance
* Programmable trip section counter
* Total distance bike 1
* Total distance bike 2
* Total distance bike 1+2
* Clock
* Stop watch
* Riding time
* Total riding time - bike 1
* Total riding time - bike 2
* Total riding time - bike 1+2
* Programmable time meter (countdown timer)

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  • natimuk
    Thanks, admin. If only I had a bike in the first place. If you come across a good deal on a road bike (budget ~$1500), do post! :)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - I'll have a look around for you natimuk. I like my pushies - more downhill stuff than road

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